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St Paul's C of E Primary

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St. Paul’s Primary School recognises the important role that Computing plays in enhancing and developing personal skills and qualities. Pupils therefore have the right to have their learning experiences enriched and enlivened by the application of computer technology to all areas of the curriculum.


The specific aims of the school in relation to teaching Computing are that the children will:

· Develop their skills and become confident and effective users so that they enhance their knowledge and understanding of the importance of information and how to select and prepare it.

· Develop their skills in using hardware and software to use information in their process of problem solving, recording and expressive work.

· Develop their ability to apply their Computing skills to support their use of language and communication and their learning in other areas .

· Explore their attitudes towards Computing, its value for themselves, others and society, and their awareness of its advantages and limitations.

· Awareness of potential of being digitally literate and the impact on society

At St Paul's we have weekly Computing lessons where each class has timetabled access to the computer suite. We follow the Rising Stars Curriculum during these sessions and apply and develop the skills that we have learnt in other curriculum subjects.

We are very proud of how we have developed the use of our online learning platform Google Classroom. Initially we began to use this during the periods of lockdown and school closures but we have since used this for homework and parents consultations.

Each classroom is a equipped with an interactive whiteboard and class laptops. These are both used throught the school day to support teaching and learning.