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St Paul's C of E Primary

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Physical Education

The provision of P.E within the school is designed to support, contribute to and
complement the aims of the school, by providing, where possible, equality of access for all students to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum. Physical Education aims to provide an enjoyable, challenging and satisfying programme with opportunities for every student to develop physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively. We have welcomed the support of specialist coaches in gymnastics, dance, football and swimming. Staff have also actively participated in a practical gymnastic Inset workshop.
We have a large airy hall for physical education and two playgrounds for outdoor work. In the summer term the school also has access to a large field area off site for our Key Stage 2 Sports day to which parents and carers are invited to come and support their child(ren).
The school has designated Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 play areas and a separate grassy area at the back of the school. Each play area has play pr climbing equipment for the children to use during their break times. In addition to this we use the Wildlife garden for for children in Key Stage 1 to explore and engage in quieter activities. The following individual and team sports are offered within the Physical Education curriculum for boys and girls: gymnastics, movement and dance, football, swimming, athletics, hockey, netball, rounders, basketball and cricket.

We have run a basketball club, netball club, the daily mile (running) and a upper Key Stage 2 football team. We endeavour to enter competitive competitions for these sports accross the local area.