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St Paul's C of E Primary

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Our science curriculum aims to create and nurture a sense of awe and wonder about the world around us. New ideas and concepts are explored through first-hand, practical experiences which encourage the children to ask questions and rationalise their thoughts with reasoned explanations. Through investigation and experimentation, children develop key scientific skills such as making predictions, planning their own investigations, recording observations, presenting and analysing data and evaluating their results.

Our curriculum explores topics such as 'animals, including humans', 'living things and their habitats' and 'plants' as well as 'forces', 'light', 'sound', 'Earth and space' and 'electricity'.

Topics are revisited across key stages in order to build on prior knowledge and ensure progression. Wherever possible, links are made across other curriculum areas to enable children to be fully immersed in their learning. We also make good use of the school grounds and the environmental area. The children have the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of their own environment which includes our wild area and pond.