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St Paul's C of E Primary

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Our Christian Vision

St. Paul’s School promotes the Christian faith within a warm and loving atmosphere, so that our children achieve their educational goals and fulfil their individual God given potential.

The school will provide education and worship, which promotes the arts, builds on children’s talents and respects people of all faiths and cultures.

We celebrate God’s love for every child in our school and encourage each child to develop a sense of belonging within the Christian journey, using the creativity and gifts God has given them.

We nurture our children’s curiosity about our diverse and wonderful world and foster their sense of global citizenship. We are committed to an ethos of love and inclusion built on the teachings of Jesus Christ, in an environment which embraces everyone and supports the future of our young people, as they progress through and beyond our school.

Key Values

WISDOM – We encourage our children to be creative and use the gifts God has given them to grow in wisdom.

HOPE - We will nurture our children’s curiosity of the world and its people to have hope, as they flourish and move beyond our school.

COMMUNITY – We will provide a warm and loving atmosphere and teach respect for all people and cultures, to create a welcoming community.

DIGNITY – We will celebrate the unique value of each member of the school, so that all reach their God given potential.